Emergency Assistance

Through the Emergency Assistance Program, we are able to meet individuals and families face-to-face, to listen to their stories, and to assess their immediate, individual basic needs—food, health, utilities, and shelter.  From there, we work with local agencies and churches to meet those needs.  We meet our clients in their time of crisis—lost jobs, spouse abuse, food stamp cut-offs, water leaks, illnesses, and the list continues. . .     We work to stabilize their situations, giving them the needed week or month to apply for longer term assistance, paying off debt, or finding a new job.

Financial Assistance

I just wanted to say thank you for having a donation in place to help with needy families. It was truly a blessing and saved me from being in the dark. I really appreciate you all and may God Bless you!
— a financial assistance client

SLCM acts as a "screening" agency for those seeking assistance, and works to coordinate information and funds between clients, churches, grantors, landlords, pharmacies and utility providers.  Our goal is to stabilize a client’s financial situation for 30 days—ensuring heat, lights, water, and shelter.  We assist with:

  • LG&E payments on brown bills, accounts that have had the service disconnected, or previous balances that must be paid prior to connection at a new residence.
  • Payments for cut-off notices on water bills or accounts that have had service disconnected.
  • Housing payments where the client has received a late notice or eviction notice for rent, a late fee or a foreclosure notice on mortgage, or deposit first month's rent due for new accommodation.
  • Medications (that are medically necessary and not a controlled substance).  With this program funds are sometimes available for glasses and limited medical equipment as well. 

 Appointments are made as funds are available based on prioritization of need. Be aware that appointments are extremely limited.  Individuals in need should call 502-367-6445 weekdays between 8:30AM-3:30PM to be pre-screened by an intake worker for eligibility.

If you reside in Louisville, but in a zipcode that is outside of our service area, there is a ministry that may be able to assist you. Click here for a list of other ministries.

Food Pantry

Hello God’s Angels. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity. For so, so long I’ve thought I have nobody who cares about me. In the back of my heart, I’m reminded of the fact that not only does someone care about me, but you care about all the folks who are in my situation. Thank you, thank you!
— A client who receives food from our pantry

Every month our food pantry feeds between 1400-1600 men, women, and children. We distribute on average 9,000 lbs of food every month. In addition, we distribute personal care products, baby items, and cleaning products as we have them available.

We work in partnership with Dare to Care Food Bank, our area churches, businesses, and individuals to provide food for families who live within our zip code area east of Taylor Blvd/New Cut Road. *Those families living in our zip code area west of Taylor Blvd/New Cut Road receive food from Temple of Faith Baptist Church (1703 Bicknell Avenue, 502-363-5335).

Each eligible household may receive a full food order once a month as needed.  Fresh produce is available weekly.

If you need food assistance. . . 

For full food orders, families make same day appointments. Call 502-367-6445 beginning at 9:30AM until we fill up appointments. For fresh produce, please visit our pantry from 10:30AM to 12:00PM on  Wednesdays, bringing with you ID's on everyone in your household and proof of your address dated within the last 30 days.   

If you wish to donate to our food pantry or volunteer with this program, please see the How to Help page. Every 40 lbs of food allows us to help another family.

Counseling and Education

Job Coaching

Free job coaching is available at SLCM. Marcia Clark Myers is an experienced vocational coach and a director of job placement. She can help you...

  • discover your strengths
  • polish your resume'
  • prepare for interviews
  • learn about local openings
  • learn about application procedures

Please speak to the receptionist or call SLCM at 367-6445 to schedule a coaching session.

Counseling Services

  • Do you feel like you need someone who will listen to you?
  • Struggling with your marriage/relationship? Facing a challenge and you do not know how to cope?
  • Have you lost someone?

We are working in partnership with Eva Archie of Choices Counseling, PLLC to provide access to counseling services at a free or discounted rate to those in need of some counseling to navigate the problems that life can present. Sessions are completely private and confidential.   Ms. Archie works one-on-one with clients on individualized counseling plans during a six-week series of sessions.  

These sessions are offered at her offices: 3934 Dixie Hwy, Professional Centre, Office#330. Call her at 409-4357 to schedule an appointment.