My name is Jeff Oeswein and I am a member of the SLCM Board. 

While learning about SLCM, I was really impacted when I read their mission statement. 

“To empower our neighbors in crisis and move towards stability and self-sufficiency.” 

The word that stood out for me was “Crisis”.  When I thought of “Crisis” I immediately thought about world events or cable news channels using the word to grab your attention. 

But when you place that word and all that comes with it onto an individual or a family it takes on a whole new meaning. 

It made me think…..What if we could help stabilize someone’s moment of crisis?  Keep that someone from losing their job and moving onto public assistance, help a mother pay the gas bill so she can give her 2-year old daughter a warm bath, deliver a warm meal to a elderly widower who just lost his wife, or provide a diabetic man his medication so he can continue to go to work?

SLCM is South Louisville’s safety net.  We care for those falling through the cracks of our society. 

It also is more than a safety net, it’s the helping hand pulling you up and out of the net.  Setting your feet back on the ground, allowing you to move forward. 

The staff at SLCM does this on a daily basis and is an oasis of hope for those with little to no options left. 

I recently read that where the poor, the broken and the discriminated are, is where you will find God.  Well, I can say that God’s work is being done on a daily basis at SLCM.        

South Louisville needs SLCM and to do so, we need your continued financial support.  Know that your continued support could be changing the course of someone’s life in a very positive way! 

Thank you so much for caring about South Louisville Community Ministries.