Thank you

Identity theft can happen to anyone but it is often the most severe when it affects people already living on a low, fixed income.  We had a client that came to us explaining how her finances had been compromised and her meager $735 SSI disability check had somehow been routed to a different account.  She had reported the issue to her bank and the police but she was on her second month of zero income.  If the average person tried to live on zero income for just one single day they would feel the pain.  She was looking for help with her LGE and we were able to assist with that bill.  While discussing her current issues we determined that we should get her into the medication program as well.  We were able to cover her medications for several months in a row.  She was extremely grateful for our assistance and stated that she would be sick and frozen (it was winter at the time),  if we had not helped her.    She has called back to thank us on multiple occasions.