Sharing Optimism

SLCM was contacted by a young man looking for assistance with his LG&E bill.  He lives with his mother and brother, but his mother is suffering from terminal cancer.  The two brothers are unable to work because they cannot afford hospice-type care, and she needs around-the-clock help.  They are new to this country and didn't know where to find help.  In certain situations, LG&E customers may qualify for a medical extension with doctor’s notification. Sadly, they could not even afford to visit a doctor to get such documentation.  Luckily our partners at LG&E referred them to us.  The Financial Assistance Coordinator was able to schedule them for an appointment right away.  The oldest brother came in on the mother’s behalf (the bill is in her name). The bill was almost $400!  We still had funding left from our Community Winterhelp program (which is provided by LG&E and their customers) so we were able to cover more than the average amount.  The family receive$100 from ministry funds and another $250 from our special grant funds.  The client was able to come up with the remaining $30 due, so we got it paid off the next day.  

We told him about other services we offer such as our Dare-to-Care food pantry. He went home with a food order that day as well.  The client expressed his deep appreciation for our services and was happy we were there to "catch them before they fell".  Imagine a terminally ill person being forced to live part of the end of their life without A/C, lights or refrigeration. Unthinkable!  The good news is that the eldest brother mentioned that his younger brother was going to be starting a part-time job that could help cover some of the bills in the future.  We have not heard from the client to know whether or not the family is coping better but he was optimistic when leaving the office and optimism goes a long way.