A View from the Adult Day Center (ADC closed December 31st)

This year, South Louisville Community Ministries Adult Day Center celebrates 25 years of service in the community.  Every day the center provides services to adults who need a loving place to be while their caregiver works or they simply have a safe place to be with other adults.  Seniors and those with special needs enjoy socializing with others while engaging in fun and meaningful activities.  Participants benefit from the on-site health care service as well as nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks.  In addition, participants are surrounded by a caring, professionally trained staff that can provide care for frail seniors or properly address individual special needs.

Recently, some of the funding to assist seniors and adults needing the services has been drastically cut with plans to eliminate all financial assistance within the next year.  For many adults that attend the Adult Day Center, their family cannot afford to pay because of daily living/family expenses at home or the medical expenses incurred for their love one uses the majority of the income.

Carrie’s family loves the Adult Day Center and realizes that Carrie enjoys having somewhere to go each day.  The family desires to keep Carrie at home and not put her in a nursing home facility.  They depend on the Adult Day Center to provide services for Carrie from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.   Carrie shows and expresses how much she loves the center, the staff and other participants every day.  Her favorite saying is “We just love each other.”    Carrie is just one client who needs a special place where daily loving care is available and the South Louisville Community Ministries Adult Day Center is that place.