Living Out Our Mission Statement

SLCM received a call from a woman inquiring about glasses.  I scheduled her to come in for a glasses voucher.  While meeting with her we talked about the current issues in her life.  Heart problems, chronic pain and LGE being past due. She lives alone and scrapes by on her monthly SSI.  I mentioned our ability to assist with utilities as well as medications. She was unaware of any of our services besides our assistance with glasses.  She happened to have her LGE bill with her. It was an amount we could handle so we were able to get her back in good standing with LGE too.  She was floored at all the assistance we offered and was extremely grateful but it doesn't stop there.  We talked about her medications and she came back in a few days later with her meds so we could get her added to the medications program.  SLCM was able to cover her co-pays at Cox's pharmacy so she could get her nerve medication to end her constant pain.  She came in only seeking glasses and we ended up taking care of a range of expenses she could not afford.

 I often hear from our clients that they only need one-time assistance to "get over the hump".  I rarely hear back from clients to know if they really did get back on track...but she called back.  She stated that her life was on the edge of collapse before coming in but now things were looking up.  Her pain was manageable, she had electricity and could SEE again!  She thanked myself and the organization profusely and she continues to receive help from our medications program each month. Our mission is "To empower our neighbors in crisis to move toward stability and self-sufficiency".  I believe we achieved exactly that with this client. It is heartwarming to hear back from our clients, especially when it is a success story such as this.