A View from our Meals on Wheels Program

Recently during a normal day of delivering meals to homebound seniors one driver knocked on the door and rang the bell, after several tries our driver was not able to get anyone to come to the door.  Our driver immediately called our office and told us about the situation.  We called the emergency contacts who went out and opened the door to find our senior in the floor unresponsive. The emergency contact called 911 and took her to the hospital where they discovered she had fallen and broken her hip.  Thanks to the dedicated and well trained staff we were able to get help where it was needed and get the senior to the hospital.  Since this occurred, our client has had surgery to repair the fracture and is working on recovering from this fall.  Meals on Wheels delivered more than just a meal that day but provided the help she needed.  Many people see our role as only delivering meals but our drivers do so much more.  Drivers ask how seniors are doing and provide feedback for emergency intervention.  Some drivers offer prayers for seniors and some drivers talk to them providing at least one social interaction per day.  Meals on Wheels drivers deliver many services in addition to providing a hot lunch.