A View from our EA Program

“John” walked hesitantly into SLCM and immediately apologized for his appearance. “John” resembles a bouncer – large, bald, and covered with tattoos. He wrongly thought that “as a church organization”, SLCM would have a problem with that. A year ago “John” had his own landscape business and was taking care of himself. He proudly declared that he had been sober for several years as well. His ex-wife had their son, but he saw him often. Suddenly that all changed when he was in a terrible car accident and damaged his rotator cuff. He was unable to work for several months, and when he finally went back to work, it was too soon and he re-damaged his shoulder. He had to sell all of his equipment to pay bills. Then, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery and chemotherapy. One day in the midst of all this, he received a phone call from the police in a bordering county. His ex-wife had just been arrested in a meth lab bust and his son had been in the lab at the time. “John” immediately drove to the hospital where he used the rest of his limited funds to pay for his son’s health care. (His ex-wife had let the boy’s health insurance lapse.) Now “John” is spending his days taking care of his son, testifying against his ex-wife in court, and dealing with his most recent health problem-diabetes – while still hoping to return to work as soon as possible. SLCM was able to provide “John” and his son food, diabetes supplies, and payment for his September rent.